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  • When: Tuesday 11 May 2021, 7pm to 9pm
  • Who: Parents of a child or young person with a vision impairment
  • Location: Online virtual workshop
  • Cost: £5
  • Closing date: Friday 7 May 2021

As part of Mental Health Week, VICTA would like to invite you to the next mental health themed workshop delivered by Children’s Mental Health Workshops. This session will explore the physiological and psychological impacts of anxiety. The workshop will combine presentations with parent-led Q&As and discussion. The workshop has the following structure:

Understanding anxiety (40 minutes)

  • Learning outcomes
  • Stats on anxiety
  • The impact on the body of perceived threat
  • What is going on in an anxious brain
  • Fight, Flight and Freeze response

Question and Answer session (20 minutes)

Managing anxiety (40 minutes)

  • How does anxiety look in young people
  • What influences anxiety
  • Seven confident thoughts
  • Vagal tone
  • Socratic questioning
  • Journaling

Question and Answer session 20 minutes

By the end of this workshop, you will have an in-depth understanding of what anxiety is and its impacts. The aim is to give you greater understanding as to why your child may worry to an extent that becomes overwhelming and ultimately limits their ability to enjoy life. Alongside the presentations, there are two twenty-minute scheduled slots within the workshop so that you can ask more specific questions about your own experiences. Our workshop providers will look to provide practical solutions to any concerns you may have.

By signing up to this workshop you will also be invited to a follow-up discussion session with the other workshop participants on the following Tuesday at 7pm. After a week of absorbing the information, and perhaps trying out some new techniques, we can come back together to explore the issue further and ask more questions.

Sorry, applications are now closed.

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