Christmas Basket of Magic

By Gwyn from Positive Eye


Gwyneth McCormack from Positive Eye


In this wonderful video provided by Gwyn from Positive Eye she shows us how to make a festive themed treasure basket.  

Christmas is a very sensory time of year with all the exciting textures smells sights and sounds. Treasure baskets are used as an effective learning tool by many teachers of the visual impaired.


Treasure Baskets are particularly relevant for babies and young children who have a vision impairment (VI) because they can offer a range of direct hands-on sensory experiences. It is a simple, fun and very effective way of enriching the early experiences of children with VI and it is also a resource that parents can create cheaply and easily at home. The one featured is this video is of no exception and the Christmas theme is a great way to provide a child with a multi-sensory approach to the fun filled season.

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