VICTA & LOOK Early Years Parent Advice Workshop

Early Years Parent Advice Workshop - VICTA and Look

What can I do when my child is identified as having a vision impairment and what support can I expect?

Tuesday 28 June 2022 at 7.30pm

LOOK UK and VICTA have teamed up host a parent advice workshop focussed on managing the emotional and practical challenges following diagnosis of a young child with a vision impairment. The workshop will also consider the early years & support pathways available from diagnosis.

Our panel for this online event will include both professionals and ‘lived experience’ experts from within the VI community. Paula Thomas, Eye Clinic Liaison Officer at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Barbara Dunn, Young People and Families Coordinator at Vision Norfolk will discuss how they offer tailored support to families whose child is diagnosed with a visual impairment.

We will hear from Sydney May, Sussex Mentor Officer for LOOK UK who lost her sight as a baby to retinoblastoma, a form of cancer of the retinas which is rare to get in both eyes. Syd will discuss how hospital visits and diagnoses have been a regular fixture in her life but also how she has tried her best not to let them define her.

Syd’s Mum Mel will share how she managed the appointments, new diagnoses, relationships with hospitals and professionals, and her life bringing up a blind child. Eunice, a parent with a delightful blind toddler, Ella, will reflect on what she has learnt in the last few years, the best advice she has received and how she and her husband ensure Ella reaches her milestones and takes a full and active role in family life.

The workshop has been designed to be both informative and supportive – full of useful ideas on how to navigate the new world you enter after diagnosis and who can help. There will also be a follow up session on Wednesday 6 July where participants can share practical advice and tips based on their own experiences.

Click here to register for your place on the workshop on eventbrite >

For more information, please contact Jane Ring, Parent Support Officer at LOOK UK.

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