By Gwyn McCormack

Gwyneth McCormack from Positive Eye

Here is a fun game to make with your child, using the Lazy Sue, £5.50 from IKEA. The Lazy Sue is a versatile tool and has many lovely fun uses. This is one of many I demonstrate on courses. You can adjust according to your child’s learning and development.

You need:

  • 1 Lazy Sue
  • Shiny paper to cover the Lazy Sue
  • Card to cut out the rocket men
  • Textured fabric to cover each rocket man
  • Velcro
  • Braille or large print numbers 1-5 (two sets)

What to do:

  • Cover the Lazy Sue with shiny paper, glue in place
  • Add 5 pieces of velcro, (one side only) spaced evenly around the edge of the Lazy Sue
  • Cut out Rocket Men shapes in card. Cut out same shapes in textured fabric and glue over the top
  • Make a separate set of Rocket Men, but don’t cover in fabric
  • Make two sets of Braille or large print numbers 1-5 and add to each set of Rocket Men.
  • Add the five rocket men covered in textured fabric to the Lazy Sue, positioning on the velcro spots
  • Lay the other set of rocket men on the child’s tray in front of them.
  • Sing the song ‘Five Rocket Men fly to the moon’ ‘Four Rocket Men fly to the moon’ ‘Three Rocket Men fly to the moon’ etc…..
  • Spin the Lazy Sue, as fast as possible, when it stops, child to feel number on rocket man which stops in front of them and add matching rocket man from their set.
  • Continue until all the rocket men have found their matching rocket man number
  • Can be played with other children, roll the dice, take turns and have fun playing the game


  • Match shapes
  • Match initial letters
  • Match phonics
  • Complete simple sums

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