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Helping parents instil confidence in their children

Sorry, this activity is now closed for applications.

  • When: Thursday 9th of September
  • Time: 7.30pm
  • Where: Zoom
  • Price: Free

VICTA are teaming up with UCAN to deliver a workshop which looks at how young people can develop confidence and learn to self-advocate effectively. Self-advocacy skills are imperative for young people, this course will focus on how you as a parent can develop tools to help your child to master this. Transitions can be fearful times for both parents and young people alike and becoming a confident person who has the ability to speak up for oneself and similarly be able to ask for support when needed is key to thriving in an educational setting. If you can master this in early life it will be something that will follow you through to your adulthood and can be transferred into everyday situations. Being able to identify when things aren’t of benefit to you and making good life choices to change this can be difficult, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. As a parent, we can help foster a good level of self confidence in our children and this course aims to tell you the best way to approach this.

About the team facilitating the course


Megan is a founding member of UCAN. She is 29 years old and has congenital eye conditions including: cataracts, aniridia, nystagmus and photophobia. Meg is currently in full time employment. Meg has been involved in many projects and performances with UCAN over the years. Meg has trained as a workshop leader and has run many workshops with all our participants, as well as delivering visual awareness training and attending conferences as a representative of UCAN.


Hannah is 26 years old and has congenital eye conditions including: cataracts, glaucoma and nystagmus, as well as being a carrier of RP. Hannah is a founding member of UCAN and has been involved in several performances throughout the years. Hannah previously worked as a Foreign Exchange Advisor after finishing University and has since left this position to work for UCAN as Peer to Peer Support Officer and engage with and share her lived experience to UCAN’s young members.


Jake is another founding member of UCAN who is visually impaired. He has Norrie Syndrome and nystagmus, and continues to run regular workshops with the young people. Jake is 26 years old and has grown up with UCAN being a part of his life. He is a professional actor and performs drag and stand up comedy as well. Jake has also been involved in many performances and delivered visual awareness training. He also creates online content around sight loss and living with a sight impairment for many organisations including BBC Wales.

Sorry, this activity is now closed for applications.

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