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The velcro collective

Hello, we are The Velcro Collective.  A Cirencester based creative movement company.  

We are looking to connect and build new relationships with visually impaired children and their families (Up to age 12) in the local Gloucestershire area to share experiences, learn together and to take part in some outdoor participatory workshops in the spring of 2022.

For the past 3 years we have been working with Bristol based visually impaired dancer and facilitator Holly Thomas. Holly’s lived experience has been the fundamental starting point when we have been creatively exploring the best way to describe dance performance for visually impaired audiences.  Holly has worked as a lecturer in performing arts for the RNIB and has taught dance to visually impaired adults and young people. She is also a member of the Bristol Sight Loss Council, Arts and Leisure sub-group

More broadly our company and our work have over 25 years in working with inclusive groups from children and young people to adults, disabled people, people with mental health conditions and people with complex needs.

Our workshops are unique and involve individual and group creative sensory tasks, noticing how we interact and relate to the natural world.  We will work with natural materials, descriptive imagery, writing, drawing, building, and making together, out of this becomes movement and auditory physical invitations which we gently explore together.  The workshops aim to develop our interconnectedness with the environment, ourselves, and those around us.

The outcomes of the workshops are:

  • To provide visually impaired children and their families with a creative and participatory opportunity.
  • To enhance wellbeing, social skills, confidence, self-esteem and family cohesion.
  • To reduce social isolation and build a peer network with other families in the local area.
  • To provide the opportunity to connect with the natural environment.
  • To support us to develop our understanding of how children and young people would like audio description provided and use this learning in the development of our performance work.

We will do this by offering:

  • An initial conversation to discuss the project in more detail with interested families.
  • Offer 3 workshop days in April / May 2022:  Dates will be discussed and agreed with families who are interested in joining.  It is not vital that everyone attends every workshop.
  • An opportunity to get involved further by joining us on our creative steering group, to help us make our work even better!

Recent feedback:

“If you enjoy the outdoors and want to experience something creative and fun for adults/children”

“It was magical!”       “Awesome nature day!”        “Gentle, but affirming”

If you and your family are interested, we would love to hear from you and talk more about it!  Listen to the audio about the project here.

Contact me, Louise on 07876 773775 or

Please note, by contacting Louise you are consenting to her sharing information with VICTA.

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