The current global pandemic is having an impact on all of us, we’re doing things we’re not used to, whether it’s adjusting to working from home or adapting to home schooling, our lives have changed one way or another.


Lockdown has had an impact on children too, and it is important that we remember and understand that. They aren’t in their usual daily routines – going to school and learning, or socialising with friends, it is a strange time for them as well so we need to help them get through it.

I wanted to write about the current global pandemic in one of my regular blog posts for the parent portal, but I wanted to do something that might be helpful. I’m certainly no expert on home schooling, so I thought I’d share some of the ways that lockdown has had a positive impact on my life.

The situation is in no way ideal, but looking at the positives can often make things a little brighter.


I have to admit, I am missing aspects of my normal, everyday life such as going into the office for work or picking up my long cane to go wherever I want to without a second thought. I’m missing aspects of my independence, but it has made me realise how far I’ve come in terms of learning to love and embrace my cane over the years.


Staying connected with family and friends

I love spending time with my family and friends. I think these times have made me appreciate the memories of days out, catch-ups and all the usual shenanigans even more.

For now, I’m keeping in contact with my family and friends over the phone, via video calls and messages, and feel very lucky to be able to do so.

I can’t see their faces on the screen on a video call, but I am very grateful that we have the wonders of technology to be able to stay connected.

It is vital that we check in with each other, just a simple ‘how are you?’ can make such a huge difference.


Doing accessible exercise at home

exercise is good for both our mental and physical health. As I’ve been working from home, I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to do a bit of exercise at home, as well as going out for the daily permitted exercise.

I’ve been going on my exercise bike every day, it is accessible and fun! It gives me an extra boost of motivation, and always makes me feel good.


Doing a spot of baking

I don’t usually have the time to bake due to work and other commitments, but I have been making the most of the time at home during lockdown.

I’ve found my love of baking over the last few weeks which is something I wouldn’t have had the time to do in normal circumstances.


Making the most of the sunny days

I think the lovely sunny days we’ve been having have made the lockdown easier for some of us. I know that not everyone has a garden, so completely understand that it is that bit harder for some people. However, opening a window and getting some fresh air can make a huge difference. It can also be a great sensory experience for little ones, I used to love being outside doing all sorts of things when I was younger.

I’ve been making the most of the sunny weather by sitting in the garden as well as working and doing various writing projects in the garden (one of the pros of being a screen-reader user, you don’t need to rely on looking at the screen!)


Planning blog content

It can often be tricky to juggle work, blogging, my social life and everything else,  so it has been nice to take some time to plan some blog content and work on freelance writing.



I always try to get involved in visual impairment and disability related campaigns whenever I can as I am extremely passionate about raising awareness, educating society and helping others.

I’ve been getting involved in a few campaigns when opportunities arise. Sometimes it can just be something simple like signing and sharing a petition, but it can make a huge difference.


Taking some time for myself

I always try to take some time for myself, but it is sometimes a bit difficult when you have a lot to do and things to tick off your to-do list. I like to be busy and get things done, but we can all do too much at times. I’ve been listening to my body more, and taking some time for myself.

self-care is extremely important for us all!

It can be good for us to take a step back.

Do something that’s ‘for you’, whether that’s reading a good book, getting creative or watching your favourite TV show.


Sticking to a routine

I’ve found that sticking to a daily routine comes with many positives. I’ve been working my normal working hours and tried to stick to my usual daily routine. It has helped me adjust to the ‘new normal’.

This could also be good for children as they are often used to having some sort of structure.


Those are just a few of the things that are helping me stay positive during lockdown.

I hope you’re all well.

What have the positives of lockdown been for you and your family?

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