In this month’s Achievement blog, mum Jane shares her daughter Natalie’s surfing success, and how she quickly became a Surfer Dude!

Natalie stood up on a surf boardHello this is Natalie.

One Christmas while we were watching TV, an advert came on and it showed people surfing. Natalie, who has always loved the water, immediately said, “I want to do that.”

I have always told Natalie she can do anything, even if that means thinking of different ways of doing it. So I agreed that if she was still keen come the summer I would sort it out.

True to her word, when summer arrived, she was still up for surfing and I started contacting surf schools in the Newquay area. A few weren’t very helpful and “mmmed” and “ahhh’d” about having a child with a visual impairment taking a lesson with them. But then I came across the Big Green Surf School. Dale who runs it couldn’t have been more helpful and positive.

We arranged for Natalie to take part in a group session but with a one to one instructor with her.

Off we went to Newquay, very excited and me a bit nervous for her, but she loved it. The group were fantastic and she was included and kept up with the other beginners.

Natalie surfing

By the time I collected her she was part of the gang, high-fiving everyone and being called ‘dude’. I loved seeing her so happy and enjoying a sport.

We now go back every year and the excitement is still there.


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