By Cecily Morrison

I do not think we’d be alone in remembering back to those first two years with Ronan and the challenges of trying to figure out what worked for our blind baby. It never seemed to be what was written the books for other babies. While we had lots of smiles, we also had lots of tears that left us wondering what to do as new parents.

We gradually built our connection with Ronan through music. We sang and sang and sang some more. We played with music toys and wrote musical stories for him. Indeed, Ronan, now almost five, has only just started playing with things that don’t actively make sound. Perhaps he’s learned that tapping on things gives their sound a way.

We were lucky to have had lots of help from a music therapist who gave us lots of ideas of things that we could do. Now Little Amber, a program from the Amber Trust, which sponsors music lessons for blind and partially-sighted children, gives families across the country access to resources and music therapy support to help them bond with their baby.

If you have a blind or low vision baby under the age of two, it is worth looking at what Little Amber can offer.



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