By Charlotte Mellor


Today’s post is one that is full of happiness!

I have spoken in the past somewhat about how sometimes you feel like you’re standing still, when in fact you are moving forward.  And sometimes progress can be with such little footsteps that it is hard to recall how far you have actually come.  This is why my blog is very important to me, I am able to track how well Scarlett is doing and it certainly helps me to appreciate the little steps that my gorgeous girl takes.

Scarlett’s school The Seashell Trust have such a perfect way of communicating with myself at home, it really helps me to feel part of Scarlett’s education.  Daily reports, weekly emails, Scarlett’s school never fail to tell me about all the little steps she is taking whilst she is away from me.

I would really like to share with you a lovely email from her teacher which just sums up Scarlett’s little footsteps.  Looking at language, building confidence back up in the swimming pool and cane use, my little girl is certainly flourishing into an confident independent young lady!

Scarlett has had an excellent week at school, she is coming on so well with her language – yesterday she was listening to music when her headphones fell off and one of the ear-pieces turned around so she couldn’t put it back on independently and Scarlett said, ‘Music, help help.” That’s the first time we’ve heard Scarlett independently request help in school so that was brilliant! She is also doing brilliantly following the school routine, after dinner today she said ‘bench bench’ because she knew that after dinner we go out into the playground with the spring bench. She’s also begun answering the question ‘what is it?’ in familiar contexts which is great, so overall her language skills are coming on brilliantly.

Scarlett walked really well across to college using her cane today for swimming and then she had a very good swim session, she is becoming much more confident in the swimming pool, no longer needing music and today she didn’t wear her ear defenders either and she was happy the whole time. Scarlett is entering the water using the steps each time she swims yet and although we haven’t yet gotten her to move beyond the steps of the pool further into the water she is doing so well I have no doubt that she will get there soon.

I always love the tone of the communication from Seashell, from her home school book to email updates, to the in school visits everyone always just seems very happy to be working with her and very optimistic.  Its great, it certainly makes me feel better, I can just relax whilst she is at school in such capable hands and that email has made me smile all week!

Well done Seashell constantly proving you were the best choice of school for Scarlett 3 years running!

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