Kitchen Tales was founded on my lifelong love of cooking and my goal to inspire others to cook and eat healthy while supporting local food suppliers whenever feasible.

Kitchen Tales front cover

I’ve always believed in food’s ability to bring people together, which is why I decided to write a cookbook celebrating varied cuisines from all over the world.

I was inspired to create a cookbook specifically for children with low vision because I wanted to make cooking accessible to everyone.

Witnessing children’s excitement and empowerment through cooking, along with the realisation that traditional cookbooks sometimes overlook individuals with visual impairments, spurred my drive to create a resource tailored exclusively to their needs.

This initiative became a passion project for me because I wanted to bridge the gap and ensure that all children, including those with low vision, could enjoy the joy of cooking and exploring new recipes.

Crafting this cookbook was both a creative venture and a personal one, as it was my debut into developing a book expressly for children with low vision. However, my intention was to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of age. I’m thrilled to announce that volume two is already in the works, hopefully offering even more recipes and fun culinary ideas for families to enjoy together!

By the book’s author, Peter Bajnoci

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