These ‘snowballs’ or ‘ice balls’ are a fun quick activity that you can do with your children at home to make some very striking-coloured globes that would contrast great against some white snow background- especially if we get a white Christmas.

All you need to create these ice balls are some balloons, coloured food dye and a freezer.

  1. Firstly, get some balloons, it doesn’t matter what colour they are as once the balls are created you cut off and remove the balloons.
  2. Get different coloured food dyes and squeeze them inside the balloons
  3. Rub the outer skin of the balloons so that you move the dye around
  4. Next, turn the tap on and carefully fill the balloons up with water
  5. Once the balloons are full then tie the ends
  6. Keep the balloons in the freezer overnight
  7. Remove the balloons from them freezer and cut the bit where you have tied them
  8. Peel off the balloon skin and the activity is complete- some beautifully bright ice balls will be created


They will be freezing cold, nice and smooth and also lovely and bright.


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