Sorry this workshop is now closed for applications.

VI Teens and Sleep – an information and support session for parents and teenagers who have sleep issues and are vision impaired

Date: Tuesday 25 July 2023
Time: 7.30pm-9pm
Cost: £5 contribution per household
Who: This event is open to parents/guardians and the young person aged 12-18
Where: Online Zoom

Healthy sleep patterns help you thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are many external factors that can cause sleep issues and with sleep disorders on the rise, VICTA’s sleep service has been introduced to help support parents and young people with this key fundamental of life.

This session aims to provide full circle support and knowledge development for both parent and young person so that they can understand:

  1. The science behind sleep
  2. The link between sleep and vision impairment
  3. Anxiety relating to sleep
  4. The importance of developing good sleep hygiene
  5. Consistency is key!

This is the first event where we have invited the young person to attend with their parent. This is at the parent’s discretion and isn’t compulsory. It is important that the young person experiencing the sleep issues understands that to improve their sleep, responsibility is required, and they need to take charge of certain aspects relating to their routine and environment. VICTA’s sleep practitioner Charlotte Mellor will explain how as parents we can support these changes. We understand that this may be a frustrating time for the young person and this session aims to support by making sure they understand that they are not alone.

The first 45 minutes will be a presentation and the second segment will be devoted to any questions and answers you may have.

If you would like to join us on this workshop, please apply via the form below.

Sorry this workshop is now closed for applications.