A special poem for Mother’s Day, by Charlie Beeston

Born to a mum, whose love is so real

Into this world I came

Looking around for someone to see

Not seeing is somewhat insane


The touch of her hand, the smell of her skin

The love that she shows to me

The guidance she gives everyday of my life

Is as pure as it can be


The struggles we face every day of our lives

Not seeing the world as others do

Holding her hand so as not to get lost

Feeling safe and secure too.


The older we get, the easier it becomes

The support and the love that she shows

Knowing the love is always there

Will help us for as long as we know


As the world around us is harder to see

For someone who can’t see at all

There’s always one person who you can rely on

Who will help you when you fall


As life goes on and you continue your life

You look back at what you have done

You remember the things important in life

And that is the love of your wonderful MUM 


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  1. David Scott March 22, 2020 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    That’s absolutely beautiful Charlie.
    Just read it to Maddie and her Mum (Penny). They loved it.
    Best regards.

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