Getting ready to work!

This month’s Top Tips for Education and learning brought to us by Gwyn McCormack from Positive Eye are around preparing work stations and environments to get the most effective learning setting for your child.  These tips can either be implemented at home, as a parent whilst assisting your child’s learning or utilised by a practitioner.

  • Reduce clutter, present one resource at a time
  • Create plain black background
  • Organise work area and maintain location of items
  • Use high contrast resources
  • Wear black t-shirt, black apron to present resources
  • Consider background behind you – is it cluttered and distracting?

Photo 1: Gwyn showing Peppa Pig against pale grey jumper. Gwyn showing Peppa Pig against a black apron.

Photo 2: Red hen toy on red background; Red hen on black background

Photo 3: Plain background with black screen and black cloth on table top; Articles laid out on a black background

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