The Blog Factor - time to celebrate!

It’s time to share our next Blog Factor achievements contributed by young people who have a vision impairment. Thank you to Dylan Harvey and Emmy Anstee!

I am goalkeeper in RNC’s sports academy football team. I have participated in one tournament in my career in the football league. I developed match play and had experience of playing in the league. I also became more confident in tracking players and putting my name forward for future matches. I have had experience of playing on the sports academy pitch and playing away matches in Nottingham and Hartbury.

The RNC sports academy football team benefits a wide range of students with VI, as we have separate teams for players with some sight and players who have no vision at all. With partially sighted players, we use a partial ball and with players who can’t see, we use a football which has rattles that make a noise. I would recommend playing football as I was lucky to get selected for the team and it keeps you active. We have a number of sessions scheduled in the week for students with VI to play and we have highly qualified coaches for our football teams.

By Dylan Harvey

Driving Blind – Who said you had to be able to see to Drive a Car?

My driving experience is something amazing that I got to do!

Enjoy more of Emmy’s videos on her YouTube channel Emmy’s VIP Life >

Do you or your child have any achievements like Dylan and Emmy that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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