Social media is a great tool for giving people an insight and a snapshot into our lives. It provides opportunities for people from various communities to educate and connect.

The internet is a flurry of people I love to follow, it helps me to develop a greater understanding of what life can be like. The vision impaired community has a great network of people that are working hard to raise awareness. A lot of blind and partially sighted influencers display amazing talent and skill as well, which serves as a source of inspiration.

Parent’s creating accounts linking to their children is on the rise and there are some great ones that are emerging at the moment. These candid snapshots of lives that we are invited into, help raise awareness and funds – but most importantly they are a celebration!


Here is our roundup of our favourite parent-led Instagram pages!

  • KeepOliviaSmiling

Olivia’s eye condition is a result of a brain tumour. She is a disability rights activist and a talented singer and her page is managed by mum @lj_lisajanetaylor. You may recognise Olivia from mainstream media outlets as she has recently featured on Sky News, covering the topic of LEGO Braille Bricks and made an appearance on BBC Morning Live! Olivia’s videos range from her bravely tackling the climbing wall to making a splash on the karaoke circuit. Thank you to both Mum and Olivia for creating such a heart-warming page.

Keep Olivia Smiling (@keepoliviasmiling) • Instagram photos and videos

  • Minnie_vision

This page has been set up to raise both awareness and funds for research and is managed by mum Caroline. Minnie’s vision impairment is as a result of the condition Leber congenital amaurosis  (LCA). The funds it helps to raise are for further research into CRB1 gene-related conditions. The Team CRB1 page is closely linked to @Minnie_Vision and together they have been a powerhouse for fundraising, offering support and improving research into the gene. This page gives a really lovely snapshot into Minnie’s life at home with her family.

💖 Minnie Mae 💖 ⠠⠍⠊⠝⠝⠊⠑ ⠠⠍⠁⠑ 💖 (@minnie_vision) • Instagram photos and videos

  • My Baby Can See

A great page of celebration! It’s an album full of images of wonderful children from across the world who have a vision impairment. Set up by a parent, for other parents – its main aim is to help parents navigate the early days of diagnosis by celebrating ‘our thriving little ones’.  If you would like to have your child and their story featured on the page then just drop them a message!

My Baby Can See (@mybabycansee) • Instagram photos and videos

  • HarryTathamSanderson

Created by Mum Jessica, this great page gives us a real insight into Harry’s life as a toddler living with albinism. From fashion to toys Harry and his mum showcase a colourful life with a colourful young man. Harry was kind enough to test out our Early Years Sensory Discovery Packs earlier this year and we are very pleased that this up and coming influencer gave it the seal of approval!

Harry Tatham Sanderson (@harrytathamsanderson) • Instagram photos and videos

  • Cameron’s Smile

This page is all about deaf/blind Cameron and his mum Carla. She uses this page to raise awareness about what its like to raise a child living with the rare condition Norrie Disease. Cameron lives a happy life full of adventure and experiences! Carla has worked tirelessly over the years to give people an insight into her life, raise funds for necessary equipment and has also published a Amazon best selling book.

Camerons Smile (@cameronssmile) • Instagram photos and videos


  • ThroughPipersEyes

Created by her Mum, this page covers all aspects of Piper’s life while she has been growing up with her vision impairment. She received an early diagnosis of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia/Septo Optic Dysplasia and her Mum uses the page to celebrate all of life’s little achievements.  This page links to a very candid website which documents the whole family’s journey from day one: Through Piper’s Eyes | Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and Septo Optic Dysplasia (

Piper Clifford-Tucker (@throughpiperseyes) • Instagram photos and videos


I want to say a big thank you to all of the work these parents do to create their pages, keep them updated, share their lives with us and generate really positive awareness!


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