By Charlotte Mellor

With Easter time looming this gives plenty of opportunity to create some multi sensory themed textured eggs.  

There are masses of ideas on the internet to create not only textured eggs but noisy ones too, here is mine and Scarlett’s textured eggs project!

What you need:

  • Gems
  • Stickers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Fury material
  • Feathers
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Bird Food
  • Foam or plastic eggs (easier to work with than real)

How to create:

For the purposes of our textured eggs project I decided I wanted to incorporate an additional learning element, so when I decorated the eggs I made two of each texture.  It is very important to close your eyes to handle the eggs once the different textures are applied to ensure there is a big variance between the feel, the older and better the child is at differentiating between textures you can make them less different and really test those tactile finger skills.

I used two of the same textures to make a tactile discrimination matching items game.  For children who can read braille you could also label paper plates with the description of the texture and get the child to match the egg to the braille labelled plate!

I used plastic eggs which I could open and fill with different dried items to also add some audio to the eggs.  So the child could hear the difference in sounds between the different egg fillings. Some of the items I used were ready to stick on from the craft shops where I purchased them from, but for the fabric and feathers I used the glue gun to apply. Scarlett has no sight so the aesthetics are irrelevant, but if your child does have some sight try using really bright colours or even some light up eggs!

These will all work great as part of an Easter Themed treasure basket for a pre-schooler, but do be vigilant with parts that may break off.

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