Music and movement sessions are great interactive sessions are great for children in the early years and can form the basis of many life transferable skills as they grow older.

They are easy to run and with music being a key motivator for children who have a visual impairment its great for increasing levels of engagement and interaction.

  • Supports knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Helps develop creativity
  • Makes us get up and move, therefore supporting physical development
  • Helps to develop social skills and a greater understanding of social interaction
  • Music can stimulate inclusion and between sighted and visually impaired children
  • Develops listening skills

Music sessions do not need to be complicated, a music specialism is not required to make these sessions fun for your child in the early years.  Nor do you need to own a whole collection of instruments to get involved.  Singing, rhyming games and home made instruments can also be used to create a music session for your child.

Here are a list of some useful links and resources I have found that can assist with you running your very own music session with your mini maestro!

We would love to hear about any music sessions that you have been doing with your early years children or if you have any creative instrument ideas!

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