Every day, four more children in the UK will be diagnosed with sight loss.

Two thirds of childhood vision impairment is present from birth or diagnosed in the first year of life.

When parents first receive the diagnosis that their baby or toddler has a vision impairment, it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin and how best to support their child and their family. VICTA’s Early Years Sensory Discover Packs are filled with items to help parents explore the different senses with their child. By sponsoring a pack this Christmas, you will be helping VICTA to support to new families and send them a lifeline.

We know how important it is to connect new parents, who may be feeling uncertain of the future, with families who have a wealth of lived experience. If you yourself are the parent of a vision impaired child, you can include a supportive note with your donation. When a family open their box, they will discover your message inside.

We have a wonderful and supportive parent community within the VICTA Parent Network and we’d like new families to know that they are not alone as they start their journey. As a parent, you’ll know that the time of diagnosis can be overwhelming, and that’s where our Sensory Discovery Pack appeal comes in. We hope that our sensory packs can provide a welcoming starting point.  We really want to make sure that parents feel supported. In fact, this whole appeal came about thanks to a suggestions from Caroline, a VICTA parent, who wanted to do just that.

The elves will be at work on 12 December to ensure families will receive their packs before Christmas and we will update you throughout the frosty months to let you know the positive difference you have made.


Thank you for supporting new families just starting their sight loss journey, please donate and leave your message. If you’d like to include a photo or send a hand-written letter, please indicate so in the message box and then email it to parents@victa.org.uk, or post it to Sensory Discovery Pack, VICTA, Challenge House, Sherwood Drive, Milton Keynes MK3 6DP.


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