A lovely alternative way to enjoy story time beyond the typical story book to include children with VI, CVI, complex needs, their siblings and the whole family!

Marvin is a boy with a big kind heart. He is setting off on the Winter Wonderland Adventure  with his friend Fabby the Frog who loves to “ribbet”  and Rainbow Callie who loves to give out beautiful rainbow badges to all the friends they meet along the way.

Get ready to board the Winter Wonderland Express and take a fast train ride around the snowy park to help Marvin to look for Melting Morris the snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth, hat, scarf and arms.

They meet Cora the Carrot Cake Fairy, who nearly puts Melting Morris’s nose in the carrot cake mix, they help Raymond the Reindeer untangle his scarf and meet they Trick and Split-Splat the black and white cat, who won’t give back the red glittery hat.  Lots more friends along the way help to build Melting Morris again in this joyful happy story. A story with catchy songs and sparkly characters guaranteed to bring a smile to your children’s faces on a cold dark day in January!

JOIN Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn your happy storyteller and Marvin in this bright and interactive JOYFUL SHOW bursting with glittery bright-coloured friends and lots of FUN along the way.


Find out more and book your place here: https://marvinstorytimeshow.co.uk/product/marvins-story-time/

Marvin’s Winter Wonderland Trailer – Speaker only:


Marvin’s Winter Wonderland Trailer with BSL


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