Celebrating the launch of the new book created by visually impaired author, Ben AndrewsNicky and Candy’s Street will be part of the Better Places book series, published by Tiny Tree Children’s Books.

Ben is a disability rights activist, author and managing director of Beyond Empower, an organisation which aims to support individuals, teams and organisations towards more inclusive offers for disabled people, which been created and are led by the experts themselves, people with disabilities.

Ben’s next big project ‘Nicky and Candy’s Street’ is a book on a mission to help shape and promote better awareness of living with disabilities. This first book in the series looks specifically at vision impairment:

Candy is a tall, thin white cane Nicky uses to get around, but when a trip to a friend’s house proves difficult, can you work with Candy to make the street a Better Place? ‘Better Places’ has been written to help highlight the issues disabled people currently face to children, parents and educators whilst providing an outlet to take positive action. Introducing these concepts at an early age will increase understanding as they grow into adults to support a more accessible, inclusive and better future.

The book launches on 26 February and is available for pre-order now – please click here to if you would like to pre-order a copy.

I was lucky enough to chat to Ben about his experiences growing up with Retinitis Pigmentosa and what has inspired the pioneering work for positive change and raised awareness he is doing today – not only for members of the visual impaired community but for all people with a disability. Please watch the interview with Ben below.

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