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Our shortlist of the most helpful education websites out there


Audible is Amazon’s subscription service for audio books.

CustomEyes Books

This service, provided by Guide Dogs, produces custom-made large print books books to suit your specific requirements, by tailoring the font type, size, spacing, colour and binding.

National Braille Week

National Braille Week aims to raise awareness of the importance of braille and other alternative formats that open up the written world to people with vision impairment.

NatSIP – National Sensory Impairment Partnership

NatSIP is a partnership of organisations working together to improve outcomes for children and young people with sensory impairment. The website includes example EHCPs, a find an adviser service, and more.

Paths to Literacy

Paths to Literacy is an interactive Community of Practice. Users can share strategies and resources, and discuss all aspects of literacy for learners who have vision impairment. The website content also includes those with additional disabilities or deafblindness.  Educators and families can find and share activities to aid their child’s learning.

Positive Eye

Positive Eye delivers dedicated courses about teaching and supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs. They specialise in training on supporting the needs of children with vision impairment, however their training packages are suitable for all areas of special education needs.


Find resources, products and publications; including the RNIB’s National Curriculum effective practice guides. These guides help parents and professionals to meet the individual needs of children and young people with vision impairment.

RNIB Bookshare

RNIB Bookshare is a free service providing accessible textbooks to support dyslexic or vision impaired learners who have difficulty reading standard print. Supporting the UK curriculum, the service offers a range of accessible formats that can be read electronically or adapted to suit the personal reading needs of learners. There are over 350,000 titles available, from Early Years to Higher Education. Your child can access these books by their school gaining free membership (an alternative option is available for home-schooled children). For more information, visit the website or download this information leaflet.


This website allows people to convert files into other formats, for example, converting a word document into audio. This website is especially useful if you need to read a long document or for different methods of revising.

Teaching Students with Visually Impairments

The mission of Teaching Students with Visual Impairments is to provide all persons involved in the student’s education with the necessary resources they need. Their aim is to help each student become successful members of their communities and to equip those in the vision field with a readily available resource to meet the wide range of needs of the students they serve.

VIEW – Training Course

VIEW is the professional association of the VI Education Workforce, and the professional association of QTVIs (Qualified Teacher of Children and Young People with Vision Impairment). Along with the RNIB, VIEW run a course for teaching assistants and parents titled “Understanding vision impairment in children and young people”. This online course is designed to support the training needs of parents and education support staff in order to improve the quality of learning opportunities available to children and young people with visual impairment.

Wonder Baby

This American based website founded by a parent of a VI child and established in 2006 is jam packed with educational resources, written by both parents and professionals. The resources can be utilised to assist children of all ages. Wonderbaby also has a fantastic Pinterest section which can really help to get your creative juices flowing! From resource adaptation to more practical support information, should be your first port of call when addressing how you can support your child in education.

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