Blind in business

VICTA Parents Workshop: Employability, Reasonable Adjustments and Work Experience by Blind in Business

Date: 26 October 2023
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
Location: Zoom
Cost: Free

Sorry, this workshop is now closed for applications.

VICTA is pleased to announce our upcoming parent workshop with sight loss charity, Blind in Business. This session is aimed at parents whose children have started secondary school and who have concerns and questions about what the world of work will look like for their child and who want to better educate themselves on what you can ask/expect from employers.

“Blind in Business was founded in 1992 by three blind graduates. After graduating from university with good degrees we initially found it difficult to gain work, due to misconceptions and wariness from employers who were wary about visual impairments. But we persisted, and two of us became partners in leading law firms. The third went on to do a Master of Business Administration at Cranfield, and became a successful businessman – making history as the first blind person to gain this qualification.

We launched Blind in Business to help other blind and partially sighted graduates to compete equally with sighted candidates for good jobs, by providing help, support and training, and by removing barriers to success. Since we started the business, it has grown beyond our initial dreams, and now helps hundreds of people achieve their goals.”

We will be joined by guest speakers Tyana and Jonathan:

Tyana is the Training Coordinator at Blind in Business (BiB). Her role involves working with visually impaired students aged 13 and 19 in schools and colleges to develop their employability skills and build their confidence.

Jonathan is the Work Experience Coordinator at BiB. His primary responsibility is to connect visually impaired and blind individuals aged 13 and above with work experience placements and other opportunities. Jonathan aims to provide them with practical exposure and valuable workplace skills by facilitating these opportunities.

Tyana and Jonathan will conduct a workshop to discuss reasonable adjustments and what it entails for visually impaired and blind individuals. The workshop will cover various topics, including access to work, finding inclusive employers, work experience opportunities, and more.

If you would like to join us on this workshop, please apply via the form below.

Sorry, this workshop is now closed for applications.