Parent Pathways- Free online sessions

Hello to all you parents, guardians and carers!

Join our community that brings together everyone who is a parent or carer of a child who’s blind, partially sighted or lives with any degree of vision impairment. It’s a closed group and is here to be a supportive, safe environment where you can share your story, ask questions, get advice and talk about the issues that matter to you and your family. Join us, it’s your community, just say hello!

Parent Pathways is a series of free online sessions for parents and carers and is the perfect introduction to the world of raising a child or young person with vision impairment.

During the small group sessions, which are led by members of RNIB’s Children’s team, you can find out about:

  • registration and certification
  • the who’s who of professionals
  • how to access support
  • plus, one-off sessions focusing on education, finances and play!


For more details and to book, visit

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