Gwyn McCormack from Positive Eye has generously submitted a series of ‘Top Ideas’, which we will be sharing each month. You can read her introduction to the series and other posts here.

This specific series is centred around the importance of concept development when teaching children who have a vision impairment. The ‘Top Ideas’ can be utilised by your child’s educational setting or by a parent wanting to give a little extra help with learning from home.

Idea 18: Number Tree

Number treeImage Description

The image shows a picture of a tree made from cardboard, each leaf has a number on it.

Cut out different size leaves in cardboard and cover with a range of textures. Range from small to large leaves. Add a piece of Gripping Stuff to the back of each. Add a detachable number circle to each leaf. Cut out a trunk from corrugated cardboard. Build your number tree. Theme based learning/story based learning is fun and holistic and engaging!


Make the child with SEND the starting point for planning, NOT the ADD-ON


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