Charlotte Edwards, from Shenfield in Essex, is mum to two wonderful daughters.

Her youngest, Isabelle, was born vision impaired. Together, they have created a Facebook group that enables parents of blind and partially sighted young people, from across the UK, to have a platform to swap and trade much loved books.

Visit the group here: BOOK SHARE for the blind & partially sighted

Charlotte’s 7 year old daughter Isabelle, was not only the inspiration for the group, but has also helped her Mum to set up and promote the group and has kindly donated her book collection towards the cause.

“My youngest daughter is visually inspired and I was gutted when they stopped printing the large print books with the guide dogs. I struggled getting books via the library of the right print size. School funding only allow electronic books. And I really wanted Isabelle to hold a physical book to read. I also didn’t know what to do with our books once finished with them and wanted them reused.”

The page has been created so that parents and carers can share their children’s (used or unwanted) large print and/or braille books. It also acts as a networking platform for parents to be able to chat and interact with people in similar circumstances, whilst recycling much loved literature by finding it a new home!
Charlotte understands that times are extremely hard and some people may need to sell some of the more expensive books. Although the platform is primarily for swapping and trading the group can also be utilised as a selling space. The general ethos of the group is about spreading the books freely.
Postage for the blind and partially sighted is free for sending books, Charlotte has spoken to the Royal Mail directly and they are very happy for the group to do so within the book share initiative.
If you want some more information about ‘Articles for the Blind’ please follow this link: Articles for the Blind |Royal Mail
In order for the group to become a huge success with lots of books on offer for all, its important for us to help Charlotte to develop this network you can do this by:
  1. Joining the group
  2. Sharing the group information with others
  3. Liking and interacting with posts in the group
  4. Adding your own books up for swapping/sending
  5. Telling all of your friends and sharing on social media.
  6. Putting the book back into the group once your child has enjoyed the story!

The intention for this group is for it to act as an online accessible library – as parents we can all empathise with libraries not having books available for our children and all that will happen as a result is their love of reading will be compromised. The bigger and more active the group, the greater impact it will make!

We wish Charlotte the best of luck with growing this group, it’s a great concept and a brilliant offering for all parents of vision impaired book worms who are keen to develop their interest in books and literature. Click here to join the group!

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