If your child is experiencing bullying it can be a very traumatic time not only in their life but also yours.  Here is a resource sheet compiling all the useful information from across the world wide web that may be of assistance to you when thinking how to tackle such a sensitive subject.

Young peoples perspectives:

This blog is from a young lady who has been a part of the education system in many different ways, from mainstream, grammar, university and specialist VI Megan discusses her varying experiences within each institution.  This is a great positive post about the problems she faced at school and how she handled them.

School is also the first place where you make friends and create a social life for yourself; failing to do this can make school a lonely and difficult place. Growing up isn’t easy for most people and having additional needs makes the process more complicated.

This is another blog for the VI Able Solutions website, written by Megan Paul.  In this blog she talks very candidly about public scrutiny and how she has worked on how she reacts to judgemental people.  This great and refreshing perspective offers practical solutions that you could possible discuss with your own child if they are feeling a little uncomfortable with how society reacts to them and their disability.

I’ve recently discovered that I’m not alone. In fact, there are a lot of people with disabilities who hate the attention.


Parent perspective blogs:

This blog post created for the wonderbaby.org website, written by parent Mary McDonach.  She looks at why children bully others who are deemed as different and what you can do as a parent to equip your child with some essential life skills.

Even though you see a perfect, wonderful little child, you know that other kids will see someone who is different, and it’s difference that usually motivates kids to act out, ostracise, or even bully other children.


Always remember you are not alone!  There are lots of ways in which you can help your child if you feel they are being treated unfairly.

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