Our team is responsible for the online communities run by Carers Trust, which support carers of all ages.

We provide carers with the opportunity to access a wide variety of advice, information, social and peer support through our three online communities: www.babble.carers.org (for young carers under the age of 18), www.matter.carers.org (for young adult carers aged 16-25) and www.carers.org (for any carer over the age of 18). All three offer a mixture of timelines, discussion boards, information and help pages and chatrooms which enable carers to access the support they want at any time of day, and on any day of the year.

In addition to this, we provide an email helpline which is also available to carers every day of the year and which provides a personal response to carers who are in need of information, advice or support.



Young carers aged under 18 can join Babble (babble.carers.org) to chat with other young carers, share experiences and get information or advice in a fun and safe environment. Babble is run by a friendly team of qualified support workers who can answer your questions and offer help and advice via email or one-to-one webchats.  Ask our team a question via: youngcarers@carers.org.


If you’re aged 16–25, visit Matter (matter.carers.org) to connect with other young adult carers in an online community where you’ll be able to share your thoughts and experiences in a safe online space and find or give support. Matter is run by a friendly team of qualified support workers who are on hand to provide confidential support, by messaging or email. For email support contact matter@carers.org.


Carers Space:

Carers Space (space.carers.org) is an online community for carers aged 18 and over. Join the friendly and welcoming community to join a discussion, chat live, share your story or find and give support and advice. Our friendly team of qualified support workers host chats and Q&As and provide support via posts and confidential email.  For email support contact support@carers.org.

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